Rêveuse Inspire: Inspiring Black Creators You Need To Know Now.

Rêveuse Inspire: Inspiring Black Creators You Need To Know Now.

This month has been awakening for us all in concerns with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even though we are still a small platform, it is still our duty to keep on learning, but equally as important to share our thoughts on things which move us on a deeper level.  The past two weeks, we've been scrolling across all our social media platforms and there has been a wealth of inspiring and creative Black creators across different fields who we might not have had the pleasure of coming across, had not most of us pulled together to shout loudly about equality within the black community. It's been truly eye opening and we have seen the tremendous amount of originality, strength and creativity that these black artists, entrepreneurs and talents have shared. 

As a result, we wanted to also pass on some mentions who you may or may not follow and have compiled a list of amazing business owners, creative individuals and all round inspiring people who we personally have felt so inspired by. We have created a new header under Rêveuse Inspire, where we hope to continue sharing the brands and individuals who resonates with our personal aesthetics and capture our attention. Equally, we are excited to continue in digging deep into our social media accounts to find lesser known talents (like ourselves) to share and celebrate their work with you all. This is just the beginning and we still have a lot of work to immerse ourselves in, - understanding, learning and working alongside the black community in order to keep the conversation going.

Images taken from google images and respective accounts.

Abisola Omole is a London based creative and CEO. She's worked for a number of creative companies such as The Apartment, Cube Collective and Cubicle, all of which are incredibly inspirational platforms that I had discovered back in the day. She even has her own blog which incorporates lifestyle, beauty, travel, culture, food and all the good stuff in between. Her social platforms showcases the reality of what it's like to be a woman of colour in the lifestyle, fashion and business industries and we have really engaged with her live stories lately.

Cold Laundry are a unisex fashion brand based in London, that integrates a functional and modern flair into their designs. They aim to make conscious decisions and say no to unfair trade practices, making manufacturing processes as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Think about the most serene colour palette, mixed with beautifully made garments that are sustainably sourced and ethical in price, and you will end up with Cold Laundry. The clothes are intended to inspire and bring peace, which is reflected through the tones and designs of the garments. 

Liha Beauty are inspired by their heritage and traditional techniques, blending urban and rural with African roots and a quintessentially British touch. The brand are made up of two women who are also best friends, which is what also drew us to their brand, being partners working on Rêveuse as well. We are trying to discover new skincare products that is different to our usual go to brands and ended up coming across their products, which we will hopefully try out in the future! 

Yossy is a London and Colchester based content creator at withloveyossy, who writes about lifestyle, homeware and photography. Coming from London ourself, just browsing through her feed has given us so much inspiration on restaurants and aesthetic spots to visit, that we can't wait till the quaruntine period is over! She also gives life advice, sharing her knowledge tips on how to budget on a holiday or the best camera apps to use which we have found really helpful, as we are small content creators.

As creative people, we love to discover new artists and graphic styles. We came across these creative duos (Aline & Célia) whilst browsing the instagram space for some colour palette ideas. Sacree Frangine conjure up the most bold and powerful illustrations that have an air of simplicity. We love the warm feel throughout their work with the use of earthy gradients and tones. Through their illustrations they design things ranging from portraiture to still life and feminine themes as well as the beauty of everyday life. Their work would be absolutely stunning hung up in a minimal frame and be the centre piece of the room.

Tyler is an American photographer and filmmaker who made history as the first Black photographer to shoot a cover of American Vogue!!! How incredible is that? He works across many genres to explore and document a 'new aesthetic of blackness.' Each photo almost feels like its telling a story and we particularly love the way he incorporates light into his work, playing with shadows and the ethereal quality it casts on the subjects.

As you all can probably tell by now, if we're not at our computers, we will no doubt be in the kitchen hustling and bustling away. We love to discover new recipe creators which admittedly we had never gone out of our way to search for. Rachel creates amazing vegan recipes that are full of life and colour, which we will definitely be trying out. We are food enthusiasts and just thinking about delving into the carribean cuisine arena is just making our mouths water!

I discovered Karl Shakur a while ago whilst browsing on instagram. I think I followed him approximately 3 seconds into scrolling on his feed because of all the incredible moments he captures on camera, not to mention the beautiful dreamy palette and tones he creates. The pictures tell a beautiful story which I absolutely love and just makes me want to do more travelling to places that are in the middle of nowhere! 

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