Rêveuse Style: Reflections on Time

Rêveuse Style: Reflections on Time

With time feeling as if the days are slowly blurring into one another, we find ourselves focusing on the concept of time now, more than ever. Certainly for us, this moment has been a period of reflection; some of which being our emotions, achievements and goals in the past, present and future.

We began our Rêveuse journey as a visual journal to look back onto in the future, as well as share the many adventures we have been fortunate to have been on, whilst dipping our toes into our other passion in the kitchen, compiling the most delicious treats and recipes we have gathered over the months. However, it was actually our little trips around London that first inspired us to start this journal. We would scout a location near us and create a fashion and styling shoot that would ultimately end up in our memory banks or the odd photo posted onto instagram. As a result we wanted to set ourselves a goal to begin the year off in sharing some styling ideas, and from there, Rêveuse was born.

This all happened just before the pandemic. The first couple of quarantine weekends were spent strictly in the kitchen, finding a new recipe to get our hands stuck into. Not only did we manage to find recipes that worked out for us (as avid yet non professional cooks), but also got into the flow of giving ourselves roles that made shoots go as smoothly as possible. In reflection, I am personally grateful that I have used this time working alongside someone who is both similar to me in passions and goals, and yet also having talents across the media platforms. I definitely don't think we could've accomplished as much of what we have without one another.

This brings us onto our most recent feelings. Despite all the content we have been sharing, naturally we felt that we were really missing that spark in the style and fashion element. After a few failed attempts during the beginning of the quarantine period where we weren't feeling the shoots we had done at home, we only most recently plucked up the courage to wake up bright and early to be in our most comfortable shooting habitat, in an outside setting. Of course making sure we kept this shoot as quick as possible, but also keeping our distance from any early morning joggers.

In this age where you are constantly reminded by the idea of consumerism and having something new every week, perhaps this pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate and differentiate what is timeless and necessary vs. what might be an initial attraction of our wants. Certainly for us it has, but aside from this, it's the amount of "benefits" that can reaped from a particular item. For example, some of our recent purchases being skincare, which we feel (fingers crossed) will benefit us from using down the line. In terms of fashion and style, it's something which we teeter on the line over. On one hand it could help the company from falling into administration and as a result of workers being furloughed, and yet on the other, looking at it from a longer term perspective, will we be attracted to the aesthetic and duration of wear in a couple of years to come? Finally, thinking about the impact on the environment, where it could possibly end up?

For now, we are still undecided and better for us to wait out this pandemic. We used this opportunity to revisit our wardrobe. Creating a shoot that was a reminder for us to reimagine our style and excite us with the possibilities in outfit choices, shoot stories and photography techniques, as well as get that spark back in why we decided to start our journey in Rêveuse. 

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