Rêveuse Wellness: L'Occitane, the perfect sized travel companions

Rêveuse Wellness: L'Occitane, the perfect sized travel companions

We just came back on a couples trip away, where we rummaged through our skincare box beforehand to see what bits we could bring on our trip. For Christmas, we received a cute beauty van containing some L'Occitane goodies that have been sitting nestled in the bottom of our box, looking for the perfect occasion to bring these away with us. The perfect miniature size for travelling means that we can just pop it in our toiletries bag, saving up on space for the several outfits we bought with us on our vacation!

L'Occitane is a French skincare and beauty brand that is based in Manosque, France. We love its mantra in creating products that celebrates and practises the traditions of making in Provence. Whilst having used many of their products before, such as their Immortelle Serum, we love that it's kind to our skin and doesn't have an overwhelming scent, that we want to book another staycation and start using these babies up!

The L'Occitane hand cream, is a beauty holy grail and is of course one of their most well known products which we love to use to keep our hands moisturised as Elizabeth tends to get dry, irritated and ashy hands. During the start of the pandemic, we also loved how they responded to the situation by helping out NHS workers in providing free hand cream to the essential people on the front line, which is also another reason why we love the brand. We also tried and tested the shower oil which glides so smoothly on the skin and when you come out of the shower, your body feels as if its been intensely nourished, almost like you have a protective mask on your body! We're looking forward to trying out the other bits but by the sounds of its description we know we'll love it too! 
Do you also enjoy L'Occitane, if you do, let us know which products you recommend and love!

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