Rêveuse Recipe: A Cosy Winter Drink - Cinnamon Apple and Pear

Rêveuse Recipe: A Cosy Winter Drink - Cinnamon Apple and Pear

Anything hot apple related we absolutely love, from a hot apple crumble cake topped with a thick creamy custard (recipe here!) to a McDonalds apple pie, which we think you can never go wrong with! When travelling around Germany last December we realised that hot apple juice was a thing! We ordered one at a cafe and were expecting to receive a cold apple juice, however, we were pleasantly surprised when we held it and it was warm to the touch, with its warming, spicy notes, that was perfect for that chilly winter German air. After reminiscing about our travels to Germany, we thought that now is the perfect time to share this recipe, as its getting so cold here in London and what better thing to have than a book and warm mug in your hand during these wintery days! We also added pear into the recipe, which just adds another another layer of sweetness to the drink. Whilst we were making it, the mouth watering scent of apple pie was wafting throughout the kitchen, making it more of a reason to try out this delish recipe!


5 pears
5 apples
1tbsp honey
water to cover apples and pears in a saucepan
1 tbsp ground cinnamon

For the decoration
slice of pear
a cinnamon stick
2tbsp granulated sugar
3tsp ground cinnamon

SERVES: Approx 5 cups
DURATION: 30mins

Chop and decor the apple and pear and place into a saucepan before covering it with water and adding the ground cinnamon. Place on the stove and boil for about 10-15 minutes until the apple is soft. It should start to smell like a delicious apple pie now! Carefully pour the apples and pears into a blender with the water and blitz until a thick consistency of juice forms. Pour the mixture into a sieve or an additional muslin cloth if you want your juice to be super smooth. Add the tablespoon of honey or to your preferred sweetness levels and it should dissolve into the hot liquid with a stir.

To decorate the cups with a sugar rim, mix together the ground cinnamon and granulated sugar and place onto a flat surface. Wet the edge of the glass and dip the glass into the sugar, making sure that it is even coated. Carefully pour the hot apple pear cinnamon drink into the glasses before decorating with a cinnamon stick and slice of pear and enjoy on a cold wintery day!

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