Rêveuse Style: In focus. With a Good Pair of Shades.

Rêveuse Style: In focus. With a Good Pair of Shades.

Happy Tuesday everyone! We've been so busy this weekend getting all our content done for the rest of the year and we have no idea where the weekend went... Today's post is all about investing in a good quality pair of shades. I have been guilty of buying really terrible quality sunglasses in the past, alongside all the free sunglasses I received back in the days from chinese wholesalers, however now that I am older I have realised the importance of investing in timeless pieces. Liz on the other hand, has always been very good at investing in higher quality pieces, so it's about time I followed in her footsteps. Obviously it's hard to abide to when there's fast fashion brands releasing new items every week at a fraction of the price, but it's so worth starting a little collection of things that are so much better in quality. We both have matching Dior sunglasses, so we each wanted to style them up in a different way. I absolutely love styling chunky boots with feminine pieces as it gives a bit of an edge to the outfit, alongside the masculine structure of the blazer. Liz has taken a more feminine approach; a lovely big statement mesh dress with the cosiest turtle neck knit to keep her warm. Thankfully the weather hasn't turned frosty enough for us to whip out the tights just yet... We both broke in our new boots for the first time and let's just say one of us was hobbling all the way home... Dr Martens and rubber sole boots are the devil! 

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