Rêveuse Style: Match Made in Denim.

Rêveuse Style: Match Made in Denim.

We can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner now, and we absolutely love the festive mood that we're currently feeling. From putting up the Christmas decorations, to seeing the houses in our local area putting in the extra effort of making their whole house their own light show (who needs to fork out £15 for the Kew Winter lights when you can walk down the road to experience it!?), we can hopefully ring in the year with a day spent with family and food!

Last week we were pretty excited as snow was on the forecast! However, our white landscape of dreams were not to be, and London was only met with icy winds and a foggy mist in the air. We took these photos only a few weeks ago, where you can feel the end of the autumnal hues coming to an end. As we have been staying inside so much (I think this year has been an absolute record!) we almost forgot what it's like to wear casual outdoor trousers that we wanted to get our cool back on with some denim. Although we don't wear blue denim that often, seeing the cool and effortless feel that it brings to a smarter top half makes it a great combo in our opinion. Here we paired it with a blazer which makes it a nice combo to transition from a day outfit to an evening one. We really want to increase our blazer and denim collection as they are so versatile and can really elevate a look! 

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