Rêveuse Recipe: Za'atar Bread

Rêveuse Recipe: Za'atar Bread

 Our family is a bit of a breadaholic if that even is a thing. I think we get it from our mum who is constantly snacking on some sort of bready item! We're always happy when our sister comes home to visit and surprises us with a new type of bread to munch on. This time she made za'atar bread which she made quite a while ago and went down a treat! This recipe is extremely easy and quick to make (excluding proofing time) so why not give it a try! 

Recipe by sw3kitchen

olive oil
1 tbs dry yeast
1.5 cup warm water
squeeze of honey
3.5 cups plain or bread flour

SERVES: 1 large loaf
DURATION: Approx 1.5 hours

Add the dry yeast and honey into a mixing bowl, followed by the warm water and give it a stir. Leave the mixture to the side for 5 minutes. 

Add 3 tbs olive oil to the same bowl and add the flour and the salt to the mix. Mix everything together and you should be left with a very sticky dough.

In a lined baking tray generously pour in some olive oil. Carefully transfer the dough into the tray. Using your hands, or spoon, spread it out so it fills the tray. Leave to rise for an hour.

The dough should double in size at this point. Take the oil and pour it over the dough. Be generous with it! Punch some holes into the dough and add the za'atar and a pinch of salt.

Bake the bread for around 20 mins at 200°C. Serve with some fresh hummus, olive oil or any topping! 


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