Rêveuse Style: Elements of Beige

Rêveuse Style: Elements of Beige

It's funny how colour can suddenly become a trend, and the next thing you know you can't escape it - from your wardrobe being filled with hanger upon hanger of that certain shade, to your instagram algorithm becoming like advocates devil telling you to whip out your credit card to buy everything from a fashionistas reel. This season we've seen the shade beige in everything from wooly knits to Manolo Blahnik Maysale mules, kitchenware (we are eyeing up this speckled egg patterned beige measuring spoons) to our very beige Christmas meals. We have never really appreciated the neutral tone till now and we must say that we have been thoroughly enjoying the cosy understated aesthetic of this muted tone. There's something quite calming about this colour in both warm and cool undertones. The past few recent years our winter wardrobes have for sure been dominated by our favourite colour black (we aren't abandoning it though as can be seen from our style shoot!). Here we played around with styling collated pieces over the months that fitted perfectly with the chilly winter morning.  Layer upon layer of thick wooly jumpers accessorised with scarves and hats were just what we missed whilst staying indoors with nowhere to go during the winter quarantine period and with the new year approaching we hope that a lighter palette in our wardrobe will be reflected in a more joyful new year to come. 

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