Rêveuse Style: Familiar Corners

Rêveuse Style: Familiar Corners


Happy hump day! 
We have both come to terms with the fact that lockdown won't be over any time soon, which calls us to make use of our surrounding neighbourhood and hunt down some pretty roads or backdrops to shoot against. This just reminded us of our lookbook days in high school, when we weren't allowed to trek too far away from home so had to make do with our local spots to shoot our 'look of the day'.

 We have found any reason to dress up, using our weekly errands to the post office or supermarket, as it makes us look forward to the feeling of dressing up again and digging out gems in our wardrobe that hasn't seen the day of light in nearly a year! It's made a nice change to our usual working home attire, which may or may not be our pyjamas or comfy loungewear that is covered with cutesy prints. (I'm sure most of you can all relate to this!) 

With that being said, we somehow ended up choosing similar outfits out of coincidence, opting for a base black outfit (we love the classic yet vibey aura about a whole black outfit) but that adding a couple of key accessories to help elevate the look. Here, Mary accessorised with big chunky hoop earrings, a classic gold necklace and a baker boy hat (something that won't go away anytime soon...) Liz on the other hand has opted for a more delicate look, using a Dior ribbon as a hair tie and the chain from her clutch to add to her jeans. It's these attention to these details that can really change the vibe of an outfit and we love that we can reuse an accessory in hundreds of ways to create such different looks! What are some of your favourite accessories and are there any tips you have to make an outfit more interesting? 

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