Rêveuse Monthly Picks: Wellness and Beauty

Rêveuse Monthly Picks: Wellness and Beauty

As we get older we have come to realise how important taking care of our skin and wellbeing is. As they say, prevention of wrinkles by looking after your skin from an early age is key to better skin and lifestyle changes can lead to improved wellbeing. As skincare enthusiasts, we love trying anything new that is on the skincare and wellness market whether that be vitamins or the Korean 10 step skincare routine. Both of us have dry skin, meaning that one swipe of face cream will immediately absorb into the epidermis of the skin and feel like you never put anything on it. So here we have compiled our absolute faves in what we have implemented into our wellbeing routine and what works for us.

Liz: Derived from natural ingredients, THREE cleansing balm is made from a blend of butter, selected botanical oils and wax. Its thick, buttery and lightly scented texture melts into the skin as well as any make up in an instant and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and plump. I usually spend a few minutes massaging it into the skin in a circular motion whilst melting off make up and impurities before popping into the shower. Although this Japanese Brand is hard to come by outside of Asia, there are a few online stockists who can ship worldwide.

Mary: Korean brand, Laneige is pretty well known for producing one of the best hydrating sleeping masks on the market for extremely dry skin. An avid user of the original water sleeping mask I've been testing the new Cica sleeping mask which is designed to improve the skins natural barrier to retain moisture within. Perfect for sensitive skin, its fresh scent makes my skin feel buoyant and full of life every morning. Usually I have dry skin but since using this product my face feels refreshed and smooth.

L: After perusing Selfridges' skincare department I came across Japanese skincare brand SUQQU. I had been after a pore refiner and this particular product claimed to reduce blocked pores whilst exfoliating dead skin cells and control sebum production. I target the pores around the sides, tip of my nose and on the chin where pores seems larger and less refined by massaging it into the skin before gently wiping it away and patting dry with a cotton towel. Implementing this into my beauty rituals about twice a week, I've noticed an improvement in how smooth my skin feels after using it.

M: I enjoy giving myself a deep thorough pamper once a week and so I was so happy when I received this product as a gift. Having an oily T-zone I only use it on these areas. The fresh, zingy  feel on application makes it feel like it's really revitalising my skin, leaving it feeling tight and clarified.

L: The Suqqu hydro lotion not only comes in a beautiful pink translucent bottle but also does as it says on the tin. Perfect for daily use, the lotion feels light on the skin whilst toning the skin without making it feel dehydrated which I find other lotions can feel like. I prep my skin everyday using the lotion on a cotton pad.

M: With extracts of lotus and jujube, this delightfully scented body cream sounds as relaxing as it looks. In a bottle green container with a white birch like lid, the product inside is a light, semi creamy, watery consistency that has a subtle scent that reminds me of fresh clean cotton. I have started using this after showers and my skin feels instantly calmed and nourished.

L: Admittedly, I've been using this on and off for quite a while now, not due it it not being a great product, but my habit of interchanging between different brands to mix things up in my skincare routine so that my skin doesn't get used to the ingredients of one product. Having said this, I believe their new packaging has changed slightly but all in all the application of it works the same. This toner improves my dull and parched skin leaving my skin feeling dewy. The milky consistency feels like a barrier protecting the outer layers of my skin, whilst retaining all the nutrients and water levels inside.

M: Although this particular cologne was a limited edition, we absolutely adore Jo Malone. Whether it be their popular peony and blush scent or their pear and freesia we know that there is a scent in their wide collection that would suit each individual. The star magnolia scent has a fresh, citrusy fragrance that compliments the beginning of spring.

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