Rêveuse Recipe: Revitalising Citrusy Juice

Rêveuse Recipe: Revitalising Citrusy Juice

Happy Sunday from the Rêveuse team! As the weather starts to get warmer in London, it's time to whip out the ice trays and summer pjs. My favourite thing about the warmer weather is making icy cold refreshing drinks and enjoying it in the sunshine with my favourite playlist playing in the background. I assume we will all be spending the summer from our gardens for the foreseeable future but we can still keep positive and make the most of what we have. As the designated juice maker of the our household, I've curated a refreshing and revitalising juice that will make you feel like you've just visited Joe and the Juice, but also help your immune system stay strong and toxin free! Obviously you can adjust the flavours to your tastebuds and use up any fruits lying around your pantry but I like my juice ice cold and citrusy with a kick! 

1 ginger
5 oranges
1 lime
1 kiwi
1 lemon
lots of ice!

SERVES: 1 large jug
DURATION: 20 minutes

Chop the fruits into bite sized chunks and blitz it in a blender. When cutting citrus fruits, I learned the best way to not waste any juice was by cutting off the ends of the orange, scoring a couple of lines around it and peeling the skin off! This was honestly life changing after having made fresh juices for years! Sieve all the juice into a jug to get rid of all the pulp and bits (I prefer to have my juice without bits so I spend 10 minutes trying to get all the juice out of the mixture). Chill in the fridge for an hour and serve with plenty of ice! 

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