Rêveuse April Picks: Wellness and Beauty

Rêveuse April Picks: Wellness and Beauty

We're in week 7 of quarantine and we are enjoying spending more quality time with the family. As we are both staying in at the moment, we aren't getting as much exposure to the outdoors, which means that our skin has been looking and feeling a bit dull and dry lately. We've had a significant amount of free time browsing the web for skincare bits to make our skin feel a little bit more hydrated and help us keep positive during this time. Listed down below are some bits that we have used recently that we've been loving and wanted to share with you these items if you also wanted a cheeky pick me up. 

L: When I saw this new product online, what really got me interested was the cute translucent pink packaging, which reminded me of those capri sun bottles. The product itself is infused with cherry blossom notes, which took me back to the cherry blossoms in Japan. Once added to water, it lathers up into a foam and gently exfoliates the skin with its micro exfoliating properties. It gives your skin a feeling of cleanliness, eliminating the dirt buildup and excess sebum from your skin.

M: My sister kindly gifted me her mini Foreo, which I was incredibly excited about. I've always strayed away from adding it into my basket due to the hefty price tag that comes along with it, however I've been testing it out for the past few weeks and have come to terms with the fact that it is definitely worth the price! Used together with a cleanser, it really freshens up my skin and removes any dirt or leftover makeup that I may have missed when removing it. What's even better is that it's perfect for travelling; it can easily be popped into your skincare bag without taking any up space at all!

L: I had tried Korean brand Dr Jart when it came out in the drugstore a few years ago and loved their sleeping mask. When I was perusing ASOS and their new-in skincare, I came across Dr Jart again, this time with their water cream. After trialling this cream for a few weeks now, the product is extremely light weight with a watery kind of gel consistency, perfect as a light base to hydrate the skin after a work out. I would probably recommend this product for oily to normal skin types.

M: I've only recently delved into the Laneige hype and decided to buy the mini sleeping lip mask in Taiwan as I had heard good reviews about it.  Similar to the sleeping face mask, I put it on nearly every night before I go to bed and when I wake up, my lips feel incredibly nourished and hydrated. I feel this product is really effective in the winter months when my lips are constantly dry and cracked, so it's an amazing product all round!

L: The Suqqu scented hydrating mist is one of those products that probably isn't necessary to add into your skincare routine, but one of those pick me up and refreshing things to add to your list. The faintly floral and natural scent is pumped out through the light coat of mist which I generally like to spray before applying make up to create a nice base for my foundation to lie on top of.

M: I'm incredibly picky when it comes to scents, especially when I can't get a taster of what it smells like if it's all packaged up. We bought this diffuser from Waitrose and has gone down an absolute treat in my room. Since it has been getting warmer I wanted something that was fresh and slightly fruity and it's definitely made my space feel more comforting and homely. 

M: Since the lockdown my skin has turned incredibly dry, probably the driest it's ever been! I needed something that was really hydrating and would leave my skin feeling really soft and nourished, which I can confirm this product does! Although it's slightly oilier than the creams I usually use, I can really feel a big difference in the way that it has made my skin less flakey and horrible. A little goes a long way with this product so I recommend using it before you go to bed as it is a little on the oilier side.

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