Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places In Seville, Spain

Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places In Seville, Spain

Sunshine, intricately decorative tiles sprawled along alleyways and streets filled with the sound of laughter would be my summary of my time in Seville. The city's charming and rich architecture takes you back to historical periods in time, surrounded by mesmerising stone carvings. However, as much as the beautiful sunny city dwells on its rich history, it's all about the present; catching up with friends over tapas in a small crowded bar, enjoying flamenco street performances and going for warm evening summer strolls. Seville captured my heart, probably within the first day of arriving there. We managed to stay for a week, so it was lovely to escape the busy hustle of the city that is London and just wind down and experience the moment as each day came. February was the perfect time to go; since Seville is in the south of Spain, we experienced warm days and it wasn't peak season, which meant that the queues for tourist attractions weren't as long as I'd imagine them to be. As our accommodation was in the centre, we never had to take public transport as we could easily walk everywhere and it was nice to explore all the back alleys and hidden paths. We definitely recommend coming around this time when the tickets are cheapest! (Before you read ahead, apologies for the vast use of beautiful, incredible etc. I really can't describe how much this city stole my heart)! 


METROPOL PARASOL. When you think of Seville, you would never expect a 85 ft waffle structure to tower over the delicate formation of the central plaza (the pictures don't even do it justice).  Known as the Mushrooms of the Incarnation, the wooden structure has a wonderful panoramic 360 view of Seville where you can enjoy a drink and watch the sun set. The waffle structure also has a restaurant, museum and a market. We recommend going to see the structure an hour before the sun sets as the queues can fill up quickly!

PLAZA ESPAÑA. If I could pick my favourite place to go to, it would be the Plaza España which is located in the Maria Luisa Park. The sheer scale and dreamy architecture of the semi circular brick building with the canal running alongside it felt as if I was on a movie set. The atmosphere of the plaza is so lively; the sound of the street performers tapping away with their flamenco shoes, horses trotting along the cobbled streets and electric scooters being ridden can be heard from every corner. We came here on Valentines Day, which made everything more special and romantic. We paid 6 EUR with a 4 EUR deposit to row a boat down the gorgeous canals for half an hour, but ended up spending significantly more time there (mainly due to me being such a terrible rower).

REAL ALCAZAR. There's no doubt Spain has possibly one of the most beautifully intricate buildings and palaces, which I always question how these things were carved and constructed back in the day. The Unesco listed palace complex is one of the city's most popular and historic monuments which is nothing but breathtaking and enchanting, where you can learn about the colourful history of the building. Located in the heart of Seville, the palace is still used today and is formed of exquisite rooms, decorated with the most beautiful mosaic and tiling work, which is paired perfectly with the beautiful gardens and courtyards. You can see the formation of the terraces and vegetation when strolling through the Alcazar Gardens, with a sea of orange and lemon trees covering most of the gardens. Getting lost in the courtyards is inevitable (especially if you have no sense of direction like me), however you will always find something exciting when you turn the corner. It was even the set location for one of the Game of Throne scenes!

SEVILLE CATHEDRAL & LA GIRALDA BELL TOWER.  Despite not being religious, I love to go to different places of worship when I travel, mostly because I am always so inspired by the architecture and serene atmosphere when visiting these places. Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world so that's something to tick off your list. For a different perspective of the city, the Bell Tower provides you with a panoramic view of the city which you will be able to see after climbing up 35 ramps! There are pockets of windows at each level so you can catch your breath and take in all the different views. Before exiting, you will encounter the most beautiful orange tree courtyard which smells absolutely beautiful. I may have got a little bit too excited when I saw so many orange trees in one space!

PLAZA DEL CALBILDO. This hidden gem is tucked away close to the main Cathedral. The small square has decorative white arches with plants lined up along the balconies, making it perfect for a photoshoot location.


TORRE DEL ORO. The Tower is a military watchtower dated back to the 13th century, which used to control access to Seville via the Guadalquivir River. It now houses a small but interesting naval museum with a panoramic terrace.

TRIANA DISTRICT. This district is full of life and colour, which you can reach by passing the Isabel II bridge from the main part of town. The area is home to some of the city's last remaining authentic ceramic manufacturers, which proudly carries their local traditions that dates back to the historic Roman times.

TALLER ANDALUZ DE COCINA. My boy surprised me with a cooking class in the Old Triana Market on Valentines Day, where we learnt about all the best produce from Seville and got to make a variety of amazing Spanish dishes. If you have a couple of hours to spare I highly recommend participating in this cooking class, the hosts were informative and friendly and gave us the best tips and tricks on making paella. Plus you get to demolish the end result, leaving your stomach very full and happy (there was a neverending flow of sangria and wine which was also a plus!).


EL PINTON. This tapas restaurant puts a twist on their traditional dishes and turns them into modern pieces of heaven. The former textile warehouse is bright with white brick archways and a mesh skylight that allows light to flood into the space. This restaurant can get very busy so it's best to book in advance!

BAR EL COMERCIO. This little bar was founded in 1904 and is best known for their delicious homemade churros. We managed to have a pit stop on the way to the Cathedral and it just hit the spot, definitely some of the tastiest churros I've eaten!

ALCAZAR ANDALUSI TAPAS. This tapas restaurant was located just a few minutes walk from our Airbnb and it was so good that we went twice! The sangria was so refreshing, the staff were lovely, the atmosphere was perfect and the tapas bites were so delicious that we were always itching for more!

After reading many popular reviews about this place, we were intrigued about trying this place out! We walked past the restaurant one night and took a massive risk of going inside to see if there was any space in the dining area and thankfully we were second in queue, so didn't have to wait too long to be sat down. This place is the oldest bar in Seville which you can tell by the beautifully decorated traditional Andalusian tiles and carved wooden bars. The food is great, serving all sorts from tapas bites to an assortment of fried fish or juicy pieces of duck, and the bar is open early till very late so you can always risk going in without a reservation!

  • Even if you are living in the centre of Seville sometimes you can find yourself being around 40 minutes away from your Airbnb. Although everything is pretty much within walking distance, sometimes you just want to get back and relax in your accommodation after a long day of sightseeing! There are many electric Lime Scooters scattered around Seville and it costs only a few euros to ride one back when you're feeling lazy. We managed to ride back in a quarter of the time so it's definitely well worth using these. We managed to save money by sharing a scooter which made the ride even more exhilarating! 
  • If you are looking to save some money on tourist attractions, many museums and cathedrals offer free or discounted entry every Monday from 4:30pm, such as the Real Alcazar and Seville Cathedral, so make sure you research and book because tickets can go within a few hours!
  • Don't be fooled by the vibrant oranges and lemons hanging from the trees! They are an integral part of the landscape of Seville and are extremely bitter/ inedible so as tempting as it can be, don't try and pick them off to eat! 

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