Rêveuse Wellness: The Skincare Routine

Rêveuse Wellness: The Skincare Routine

When the infamous 10 step Korean skincare routine for that dewy, supple, fresh glass skin first came out, my first thoughts were "ain't nobody got time for that". However, as time has gone on with my skin becoming visibly older, I've added a few extra products to the regime that I would like to think will benefit my skin down the line. It increased from 3 or 4 basic products, to a full routine where each product is carefully picked to fit my skin concerns to a T. Researching back into the Korean skincare routine, to be honest all the steps make absolute perfect sense and is a smooth transition between each process. Here, we have decided to share our personal skincare routine separated into day and night which might help those of you who were confused like ourself at where to insert particular products or just want to learn about the benefits of a particular stage.

As a major side note, we are skincare enthusiasts and don't have any formal training (even though we like to think ourselves of having one from the amount of time spent on google researching into the newest golden skincare formula), the routine we share is something that has become more of a ritual that we've found works for our skin and we promise that once you create a skincare routine habit, you won't look back.

As you wake up, cleansing your face in the morning helps to remove the excess buildup of oils and dust that is in the atmosphere which has settled on your face overnight, so it is key to start with a clean base to work on top of. Use your favourite light gel or foam cleanser and massage gently into the face with warm water. Wash off and pat dry with a towel.

When cleansing the face, there is the assumption that the use of water is helping to hydrate the skin, when in fact it slightly dries the skin out. Using a toner or essence will help to rebalance the ph of your skin, as well as add the moisture back into it, lost during the cleanse step. We generously apply to our hands and with gentle patting motions, press into the skin, making sure not to forget the neck and décolletage area. We enjoy using toners that uses natural extracts for sensitive skin such as green tea, aloe vera and rose water, all of which are gentle and hydrating.

The pores in our skin is the size of a needle point, and so in order for skin to fully absorb our skincare products, a serum is used first, as liquidy formulas soak in quicker into the skin. A serum is a concentrated formula packed full of nutritious ingredients for the skin that help to combat future wrinkles or age spots. We recommend serums with ingredients such as Vitamin C, which helps to brighten the skin, Retinol-A which helps with skin turnover and sun damage and Hyaluronic Acid which helps the skin with keeping the moisture locked in. 

The next step is finding a good day cream that is light on the skin that will also last all day. For oily skin, a lighter gel based formula with an almost watery texture is great for providing a layer to your skin that doesn't feel too heavy and where your pores can still breathe. For those of you with dry skin like ourselves, we like to use products that are creamy in consistency, again massaging in the face and neck. For those stubborn dry spots we also use a bit of vaseline to help with keeping the moisture tightly sealed in. 

Ultra Violet rays is the number one cause of skin damage and can cause sun spots with prolonged intense sun exposure. SPF is a necessary step that should be added to your morning skincare regimen even when there is no sunlight outside. Whether it's included in your day cream or a specific SPF cream, every product with sun protection will help your skin in the long run. Personally, my skin has had breakouts from using SPF creams, however there are now a bunch of organic, natural SPF creams that are paraben-free, perfect for sensitive skin. A light mist is spritzed lightly over the face just to provide an extra layer of hydration for the morning.

The evening is the perfect opportunity to really indulge your time in resetting the skin. Makeup, pollutant, skin oil and dirt will be clogging up the pores, and you need to allow some space for it to breathe or you'll end up with those pesky spots. A double cleanse here is sometimes necessary to really get all the the dirt off. Taking off the makeup, we go in with a micellar water to get off the first layer, then really going in with a deeper clean with a liquid oil formula or an oil balm. The oil balm is particularly great for keeping the skin moisturised, yet also melting away the dirt without tugging on the skin. Wash away with warm water and pat with a dry cloth. 

Exfoliating is not only for those with dry, flaky skin but also helps with the turnover of new skin underneath to reveal radiant, illuminating skin, as well as allow the following steps to penetrate into the deeper layers. It's not necessary to do this step every night, but we recommend to do it once a week, gently rubbing in circular motions for less than a minute, in particular, in the areas where you find yourself getting black and white heads. We personally like to use exfoliating products which dissolve with water over chemical based exfoliators, and where of course the granules aren't sharp and large where it softly buffs the skin.

Your skin may be feeling quite delicate after the exfoliation step so a calming toner is good to not irritate the fresh skin. A few drops on the palm of your hand can be patted into the skin and waiting a minute or so to really let it seep into your pores.

Again, using a serum that is suited towards your skincare needs, should be applied after your toner or essence. Perhaps you can try out different serums from your morning routine that will provide that extra nourishment for your skin during the nighttime such as serums with Vitamin E or Vitamin B. I also sometimes apply facial oil for that extra shot of hydration. 

The night cream, especially for those of us with dry skin, is particularly important as we also lose a lot of moisture in our skin when the moisture in the night air is depleted. A night cream should be different to the day cream, which should help to restore and rejuvenate all your natural oils you have lost during the day. Intense hydration and care should be added at this point, so products with hyaluronic acid can be beneficial in your night cream.

Focus on those particular areas in this step such as adding an eye cream for tired, under eyes or perhaps a spot treatment that you feel coming on. We like to use vaseline on dry cracked lips and even a thin swipe on our eyebrows, an area we often forget, where we find ourselves getting dry skin often. 

For moments where you want your skin looking its absolute best the next day, a mask can be applied to your skin. The two types we personally enjoy using and that are less hassle-some are the sheet masks, which can be found in so many places now and also the sleeping mask where you can just let it do it's magic until the next morning. If you don't have any of these products on hand, you can also soak your favourite serum into some Japanese cotton pads and peel the individual layers and place on your face.

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