Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places In London

Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places In London

Being our home city, we knew we had to write up a travel guide to the place that we know well. London is the epitome of a multi cultural cosmopolitan city. Home to different cultures from all over the world has played its part in influencing the architecture, food and social events that you can see today. From large buddhist shrines that sit in the centre of a public park, to finding almost every type of cuisine within a block. It feels as if you can immerse yourself within the beauties of different cultures within one place. That's not to say however that traditional English culture and experiences is lost. For sure, you can get yourself stuck into social fun such as watching a tennis match at Wimbledon during the summer, doing a pub crawl across the city, and not to mention eating delicious fish and chips along the riverbanks on a sunny day. 

Here we have collated a list of places, outside of the usual tourist spots such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Eye, that are versatile in things to do, eat and enjoy. We chose these places, which you may not have thought of. We will also be coming up with future guides all to do within the city of London, such as day guides and recommendations of places to eat so keep your eyes peeled!

SAATCHI GALLERY. One of our favourite things to do on the weekend is to visit an exhibition at an art gallery, especially if it's free! One of of most visited is at Saatchi in Chelsea where you'll find a new exhibition every few months or so, showcasing the brightest in contemporary design. We love Saatchi in particular as it's so spacious and open inside, and not as crowded as other art galleries like Tate Modern or the Victoria&Albert Museum. In addition, it's located in the perfect spot within a bustling and trendy area with plenty of cute and delicious coffee shops and restaurants nearby. A bus ride away from Knightsbridge and Picadilly, making it a very easy place to get to. 

PETERSHAM NURSERIES. Petersham Nurseries, located through an almost secret countryside looking road, is located deep in Richmond. From Richmond Station you can take the 65 bus towards Kingston and get off 6 stops away at The Dysart. Petersham Nurseries, surrounded by beautiful meadows, has a cute restaurant and coffee shop located inside where you get to taste seasonal produce inspired by the nursery. You can also find beautiful ornaments and trinkets aside from the plants, making it a perfect place if you want to decorate your home. If you're unable to get here, there is also a shop you can visit in Covent Garden where you can see the same natural ambiance and enjoy tea in the shop.

SKY GARDENS. When you hear Sky Gardens you just know that it sounds magical. A tropical environment that covers the highest floor of the Walkie Talkie building, the Sky Gardens lets you enjoy the stunning view of famous monuments in London including the River Thames. You can also enjoy drinks at the bar in the evening or treat yourself to their fine dining restaurant where we're sure you'll experience fantastic views at night across the city. Make sure to book your free tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment as they always seem to be out of tickets online. 

PERGOLA GARDENS. Pergola Gardens is located in the North of London. A short bus journey away will take you from Hampstead High Street, to feeling as if you've been whisked away to the countryside. Pergola Gardens is a serene site with a Georgian arbour and terrace that overlooks the gardens. During late spring you can find the pink cherry blossoms in bloom, hanging over the terrace walls and when the sun is shining, it casts mesmerising light through the open veranda. The ambiance of this place makes it a worthwhile trip away from the hustle and bustle of central London. 

KINGS CROSS TO COAL DROPS YARD. Coal Drops Yard is located less than a ten minute walk from Kings Cross. The walk down will see you through some shops and restaurants before you'll be faced with Central Saint Martins, which used to be an old warehouse. The inside has been fully transformed so make sure to have a peek inside to admire the architecture. You can also find the dates of the graduate show, which shows the talents from artists and designers who are soon to finish their schooling across different fields including fashion, art, product design, graphics and ceramics. Coal Drops Yard is a shopping complex housing little to more known brands. If don't intend to shop, we still recommend coming to explore this area, in particular for the Thomas Heatherwick architecture which is a fantastic sight in itself. During the Summer, Coal Drops Yard also holds food markets and events such as the Wimbledon season or football matches on their big screen, making it a fun and social experience to immerse yourself in. If you come from King Cross Station, make sure to stop off the iconic Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4. Where you can take a picture of the trolley making its way through the brick wall portal. 


BOX PARK. Boxpark in Shoreditch is quite a recent discovery for us as we live far away from it. However, East London is definitely an up and coming place, particularly with young people choosing to move over to this side so there are some amazing new haunts that is great if you enjoy being surrounded by a cool, edgy and young vibe. Boxpark is a food and retail park that is amazingly made out of abandoned shipping containers.  The shipping containers are connected into one another making the walk inside it an experience, with the sounds of music and chattering groups of people surrounding the vicinity. You can also pick from different marketplaces including those catering to vegan and vegetarian eaters, making it a versatile place if your'e in a group. Below there are also some shops where you can find new and upcoming brands where you'll be able to find something unique.

SOUTHALL. For a more cultured experience, why not head away from the centre of London to take in the vibe, colours and smells of Southall. From Paddington station you can take the TFL rail to the west of London in Zone 4 where you'll be able to eat some of the best Indian cuisine in London. Southhall is an Asian (Indian) version of Chinatown where not only can you eat delicious food, but you can also find Indian movies on view at their cinemas as well admire the vibrant colours of saris and jewellery adorning the shops. 

VICTORIA MIRO. Victoria Miro is a British Art gallery that has a location in Angel which always seems to have great exhibitions in view. One of our favourites was a show dedicated to Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, where the gallery space and gardens were infused with the iconic repetitive spots of the artists work. The location is a bit of a walk away from the station, however the space is usually quite empty so definitely great to reset and take in the wonderful art. 


DUCK AND WAFFLE. Duck and Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower. Not only is the British-European food spectacular, the way up is thrilling as you take the glass elevator up and you can see a birds eye view of the cityscape. Our favourite dish here are definitely the sweet waffles which we unashamedly gobbled down within a minute of it arriving! If you plan on visiting here, make sure that you are dressed to the dress-code (smart casual) and book a reservation well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

BREAKFAST CLUB. There's a saying that breakfast is the most important meal to start off your day, so what better excuse to go to The Breakfast Club. As the name suggests, you can order everything from porridge to pancakes and of course a traditional english breakfast with classics including pan fried tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, bacon and black pudding. They even serve a vegan option, equally as delicious, making it a great choice for everyone!

ORIGINAL MAIDS OF HONOUR. Original Maids of Honour, just outside of Kew Gardens is backed up by it's long heritage. Serving delicious traditional English baked treats, the little shop is adorned with a homely and rustic decor that makes you feel as if you've been transported back in time. The afternoon tea set is an absolute classic and must eat when you come to England, and here they keep all recipes very simple but utterly traditional and delightful. 

  • This may seem obvious to us as Londoners, but when going up escalators make sure to stand on the right, especially during the rush hour, or expect to receive some evil eyes towards your direction.
  • There are lots of fabulous spots where you can see some stunning views of London without having to pay a penny! Our favourites include at the top of Greenwich hill at The Royal Observatory. One New Change in St Pauls and lastly at rooftop bars including Pergola and Aqua bar in Oxford Circus.
  • A lot of stations are surprisingly close to each other and within walking distance, so why not take the time to explore the city above ground and you'll always find something interesting to catch your attention along the way.
  • If you're craving a bit of a cheeky Maccies, the free Metro newspaper can sometimes have £1.99 meal deal vouchers to save you a bit of extra money, which can spent on other activities. You can find these newspapers at most tube stations! 
  • We recommend bringing spare tote bags or carrier bags if you plan on doing a grocery shop, as supermarkets now charge a small fee on them to help the environment. You can also carry a flask/keep cup when you go to a coffee shop, to save money and reduce waste. 

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