Rêveuse July Picks: Wellness and Beauty

Rêveuse July Picks: Wellness and Beauty

Happy Wednesday! July has somehow managed to creep it's way into our life and suddenly half the year has gone already! In today's post, we're talking about our July beauty and skincare bits we've tried over the past few weeks/ have had in our staples so wanted to introduce it into this post. This month's theme for these products are great for summer, choosing products that are light and not so heavy on the skin, something that we always look for when trying out new products. There's nothing worse than feeling as if you're wearing layers and layers of products that sit on the surface on your skin. Our absolute favourite is the Waso Beauty Smart Water, which you can read about below! 

The new WASO range by Shiseido aims to target millennials getting into a the habit of looking after their skin that is within a mid price range, but also with ingredients that are good for your skin. Overall, I am a huge fan of Japanese skincare and find that the pure, minimal packaging always draws me in. I had just finished my SUQQU moisturising toner, so thought it was time to stock up on a new toner water and stumbled across the WASO beauty smart water that I hadn't seen in store before. The water aims to cleanse, hydrate and prime the skin, with added ingredients of rice extract, which is visible in the milky coloured water. I've been using this product nearly everyday and I've really loved the formula of it, as I can tell that my skin feels moisturised when I touch the almost dewy watery surface of my skin. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, as I will certainly be purchasing another bottle when I'm finished with this one!

As the height of summer is fast approaching, who doesn't love that extra glowy and tanned, radiant skin. Being extremely pale I wanted to find a tanning product that was suitable for my skin tone and that wouldn't make me look like a wotsit! I opted for the Clarins radiance golden glow booster. Add a few drops to your moisturiser and wait for it to work its magic, building up the intensity over several nights. As I wasn't sure how dark the body tanning version would go, I stuck to the face tanning booster which I use over my legs and body. After several uses, I've found that even on my pale skin it's very subtle so perhaps the body tanning drops may be a good one try out next time for more of a deeper glow. Overall, I really enjoy using it as a product, the addition of mixing it into your body moisturiser makes it feel like you're nourishing the skin, it's easy to apply and I haven't noticed any patchy spots. Lastly the tanning agent doesn't have a really strong over powering smell.

Fresh has always been a brand that I find so beautiful to look at and it's "fresh" branding always makes me intrigued to try their products. We recently bought the brown sugar body polish which we prefer to use over beads in the shower, as it dissolves when water is combined. After showering, we turn off the water and air dry for a bit before massaging it into the skin to really get a good exfoliation before washing it away. Brown sugar has natural anti bacterial properties and is good for keeping your skin radiant, and we love the light sweet scent this product has. More on the luxurious side, we enjoy using it when we want that extra spa like treatment every few weeks or so.

This product was gifted to me during Christmas, after my sister also enjoyed using products from this natural french beauty brand. This overnight reset serum is light on the skin with tiny microballs that burst on the skin, giving that extra hydration that soaks quickly into the skin. The pleasant natural scent reminds me of being in a countryside forest, which makes it a nice addition to my nightly after shower skincare regime where I like to pat immediately after I get out of the shower into my dry patches on the face. I find that once using this product, my skin can absorb my night cream better so that my skin isn't as flaky once the morning comes.

Like many eye and make up removers on the market nowadays, this particular ponds product is an oil and liquid type formula which you shake to combine the two before adding a few drops to a cotton pad. I enjoy using this product as a first step cleanser after wearing make up and find that it gets rid of my base makeup. It's even great at melting away the waterproof mascara, which I find great as I tend to wear mascara on a day to day basis. 

Having been a great fan of the Dr Jart skincare range for a while now, I was looking to find a product that would help with the slight redness in my cheeks which I get from time to time. Tiger grass balm which has been a staple in our household and helps to relieve aching and sore muscles made me intrigued by this Cicapair tiger grass product so thought I'd give it a go. On first arrival of the product I was surprised to find that it didn't have the same strong medicinal smell of tiger balm, but in fact a pleasant muted herbally scent. In the pot it's a pastel green concoction and on application, colour corrects to the skin, covering any red patches. Once this quarantine is over, I'm looking forward to testing this product out more in replacement of foundation when I want to have that natural finish.

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