Rêveuse Recipe: Classic Caramel Popcorn

Rêveuse Recipe: Classic Caramel Popcorn

Happy Friday! Recently, we've been watching lots of movies on Disney +,  reliving our childhood movies, such as Mulan, 101 Dalmations, The Incredibles and the like. However, you can never watch a movie without having a snack in hand. We attempted to make caramel popcorn to see how it would turn out and get that feeling of going to the cinema again. We had countless attempts trying to make the perfect caramel, however it ended up not going to plan; burnt saucepans and a whole lot of butter and sugar wasted. Here is our fool proof caramel recipe that we have used many times now that we have perfected it! Let us know what your favourite cinema snack is!


1 cup popcorn kernels

For the caramel

210g sugar

100ml water

1 tbsp butter

SERVES: 1 large bowl

DURATION: 20 minutes


Pop 1 cup of popcorn kernels on the hob and sprinkle some salt on top. Set aside. 

On the hob add the sugar and water and stir regularly until the sugar has dissolved into a golden brown colour. At this point it should start to foam on top. Add in a tablespoon of butter and whisk quickly. Take off the heat and quickly add the caramel to the popcorn, so that the caramel doesn't harden quickly. You can add some chopped peanuts to the caramel mixture if you want a bit of a crunch! 

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