Rêveuse Style: In Bloom

Rêveuse Style: In Bloom

 Happy Tuesday everyone! These photos were taken when the flowers were 'in bloom' and at their prime flowering period back in May. We couldn't pass this opportunity to not take pictures with them, choosing items of clothing that would harmonise well with the beautiful flowers. We have been seeing items of clothing in the most gorgeous hues of lilac and periwinkle tones popping up all our over social media lately and thought this was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to this summer's colour trend. There's something thats quite serene about this colour where its muted hues creates a sartorial image of a casual Sunday lounging in the garden with the cool summer breeze gently wafting by. The pieces that we chose were hanging about in the depths of wardrobes, making it the perfect opportunity to dig them out and appreciate the understated simplicity of colour. Recently, we have both been attempting to introduce more colour into our wardrobe; don't get us wrong we love a monochrome outfit, but we've come to realise that bold and bright colours can be fun, as daunting as it can be to style them up. However, Pinterest is always our best friend and inspired us to create outfits dedicated to this stunning colour. 

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