Rêveuse Wellness: June Beauty Look

Rêveuse Wellness: June Beauty Look

Myself and Liz absolutely love watching makeup tutorials on Youtube, just to see the sheer amount of creativity these content creators have to offer, especially when they use amazingly bright colours and sparkles that we would never dare try. Despite this, we love to keep our makeup quite natural and simple; we've never really tried colours other than the neutral tones on our eyeshadow palettes, so we thought we'd branch out and test out something a little more creative in terms of the colours. After we had taken the photos, our first initial thoughts brought us to the infamous Kendall and Kylie ensemble for the 2019 Met Gala, where they came in the most beautiful lilac and orange feathery outfits. We really loved the outcome of this makeup look; it allowed us to be more creative with the colours we used, (I've never ever worn this kind of eyeshadow colour but I absolutely love how it's turned out!) and yet we were still able to make it a bit more natural, keeping it to something that we were familiar with and not too out there for us. We loved playing around with the different products and hopefully we'll improve and create something more bold and awesome in the future! (We attempted to do each other's make up once with the theme of 'PURE GLAM' which turned into a complete mess and none of us looked or felt good after seeing ourselves in the mirror!) 

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