Rêveuse August Picks: Wellness And Beauty

Rêveuse August Picks: Wellness And Beauty

Due to the massive heatwave recently in London, we have been taking too many showers to count that the thunderstorms and showers is actually something we aren't complaining about for once. We have delved into our skincare box and picked out some oldies but goodies which makes our skin feel squeaky clean from all the sweating due to the unbearable humidity and our overheating computers. Have a read and let us know if you like any of these products too or what your skincare for the summer is!

This Chanel lotion is perfect for normal type skin. Its not too dry or oily, helping to balance out the skin. We got this quite a while ago, so we're not sure if they still carry this line and might be quite hard to get your hands on but after using this product from time to time we would definitely have a look at some of their other recent skincare releases as its made us more confident, knowing that they work well.

The strong herbal scent may not be to everyones taste, but we absolutely love the refreshing and unique scent this product has. Its gentle and natural but really works well and has a nice mask like consistency. It revives the skin when its looking a bit dull and you only need to use it once a week. We've noticed an improvement whenever we take that extra step in pampering our skin and our skin feels instantly radiant after we use it. 

As someone who loves the fresh and citrusy scents, i knew i had to pick this up when i saw it in & other stories. Also coming in various other flavours, this sicilian body mist is light and not overpowering. It also comes in a small spray bottle packaging meaning that its perfect to travel with and pop into your handbag when your'e on the go. The smell really does reminds us of what we imagine the sunrise on the Sicilian coast would look like, making us want to go even more!

We were only gifted a sample version of this product and only just noticed how pricey it is, so its definitely a product to treat your skin with! We had heard about this product, being a holy grail for many and one to use with a soft cleansing cloth. Instantly recognisable with its herbally scent, its creamy, buttery texture is nice against the skin, leaving it feel moisturised. We only got a small tub of it and not sure we would purchase the full size as we think that there are other similar alternatives for a lower price. 

This is a perfect travel essential, particularly if your going to a hot and humid location. The spray gives you a light mist that coats your skin, leaving it feel refreshed and dewy. A pro tip is spraying this in front of a fan for that extra cooling sensation. 

This serum by Australian brand Jurlique is a natural product that aims to boost skin, radiance and hydration. Another herbal product here, we love the ethos behind jurlique and always look forward to using their products wherever supplied. The milky consistency isn't personally enough for our hydration but is nice for the summer or daytime when you just need a light product to apply on your face.

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