Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places in Valencia, Spain

Rêveuse City Guide: Top 5 Places in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a beautiful port city on the East coast of Spain. The great thing about Valencia is that is experiences 300 days of sun, averaging a temperature of 19 °C, meaning that you can travel there pretty much any time of the year (we went during the Spring which we feel is the best season to go; the weather isn't too hot and there's not so many tourists around)! You can visit the Valencia website here, which gives you lots of information regarding places to visit, getting your way round, maps and more! 


CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE. The City of Arts and Science could definitely be a whole days worth of activities, so this is high up on our list. It features the work of the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, which has become some of his most iconic pieces of work. The City is a scientific and cultural leisure complex which holds the Science museum, Oceanografic (Europe's biggest aquarium), Hemisferic (3D cinema), Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia (Opera House), and the Umbracle (open access garden). You have to pay to get into some of the venues but it's so worth it, it's definitely one for architecture lovers to capture the most intriguing and futuristic designs! 

MALVARROSA BEACH. Valencia has many beaches to offer. We went to this particular beach by bus as it was a bit far out from our airbnb, however it only took around 20 minutes to get there! Unfortunately, it was particularly windy that day, so we didn't get to experience the full potential of a beach day, but I can imagine it being delightful on a hot summers day. 

CENTRAL MARKET OF VALENCIA. If you're a big foodie and can't decide on what to eat, head over to Mercat Central. It's the largest market with fresh produce in Europe, being reknown for its rich and varied cuisine. It has over 1200 stalls so why not check it out and bag yourself the best produce to eat on the spot or to take home and make yourself the most incredible dinner! 

JARDIN DE MONFORTE. Spain have the most beautiful gardens that are beautifully looked after. They're the perfect spot for hanging out with friends or having your own time to yourself, to collect your thoughts or even read a book. You can hear the birds chirping away and the sounds of the water spraying from the water fountain close by. This place is one of the quieter gems and I found this place on Pinterest and was so adamant to go. This park is very easy to miss as it's tucked away on a small corner so make sure to enter from Calle de Monfort! 

JARDIN DEL TURIA. This garden runs through the city along 9km of green space and will eventually take you to the City of Arts and Sciences, being the biggest urban park in all of Spain. You can rent a bike and spend the day exploring all the best bits of Jardin Del Turia, there's always something different to see or do after every bend and turn around the river. 


TORRES DE QUART. If you need some time to fill up, then this place is the perfect spot for you! There are a couple of towers located around Valencia which used to be defensive towers and are now opened to the public which offer great views over the city. The Quart Towers played a vital part in stopping Napoleon's troops during the tar of Independence against the French. It costs one or two euros to go up the Tower and I would definitely recommend if you have some spare time! 

BOTANICAL GARDEN OF VALENCIA. Botanical gardens are always on the list to visit, if a city has any to see. It's so refreshing just exploring and learning about all the exotic plants on show. It houses a wonderful collection of some three thousand species of trees and plants from around the world, particularly known for its collection of palm trees, cactus, desert flora and tropical shrubs. This place is also a great place to go to if you have a spare hour or two and costs 2 EUR to enter! 


PLACA DE LA REINA BAR. We came to this bar on a beautiful evening in March. As a certified sunset seeker, I knew we had to go to a rooftop bar to enjoy the sunset, whilst we sipped on our extremely strong mojitos and pina coladas (not that I was complaining) and it was just the most delightful way to end the day. You do have to pay an entrance fee of around 5 or 10 EUR (my memory is failing on me here), however it means that it's less crowded and you can get the best seats to enjoy the view!

CANELA. We only had paella once during our trip, and let me tell you, we still think about the mouth wateringly good lobster we had at this local place to this day. It was hands down the best paella we've ever tasted; it was moist, super flavoursome and all round delicious, which was different to the usual dry Valencian paella. We tried to go again as a farewell meal, however they were closed that day meaning that we went back to our apartment a tiny bit sad. However, the portions are so big that we got to take it home and have it for lunch the next day! 

Having tried this place in both Valencia and Seville, I can safely say this ice cream shop is amazing! Even though it's a chain, we absolutely love the ice cream options and variety of toppings they offer. It's so satisfying watching them do their magic and roll the ice cream into beautiful thin swirls of goodness! 

  • Everything was pretty much within walking distance, although we took a bus once or twice to get to the beach since it was a little further out! However, there are 1-3 day tourist cards which you can purchase if you don't want to walk or even bike rentals which is a great way to see the city as well as get that daily exercise!
  • We just missed out on the Fallas Festival; a festivity that combines tradition, satire, art, fireworks, and all the good bits inbetween! The origin of las Fallas comes from the old carpenter’s tradition who, when celebrating the arrival of spring on 19th March, used to burn pieces of wood (parots) that were used to prop up their lights during the winter. It happens from the 1st March to the 19th, so definitely try and come here when the city will be even more lively and vibrant! 

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