Rêveuse Travel: A Weekend in Vienna, Austria

Rêveuse Travel: A Weekend in Vienna, Austria

When I think of Austria, I think of beautifully decorative palaces and the idea of sitting lazily amongst the serene nature, (preferably in the mountains somewhere) in a scene from The Sound of Music. I decided to take a weekend trip to Austria to get away from my busy London life and just relax, initially wanting to go with an open mind, with no itinerary in hand as the trip was so short. However, as the trip drew nearer and after some curiousity, I asked a native colleague who kindly wrote down some places she recommended. In this guide i have listed out a few places that would definitely be doable all within a day. We spread this within the weekend just so that we could walk at a snails pace and take in the beauty of the City which you can also do as well.

There are so many beautiful streets in Austria and the European architecture is particularly instagrammable. Getting lost within this grand city, you'll definitely find some great areas to take photographs.  The City is definitely walkable between the different sites if you plan to take it slowly, although you can also take the Vienna U-Bahn (Metro) as well. We didn't go inside many of these historic buildings such as the museums quarter, but it has only just given us more of a reason to stay longer next time! Below we share our route with areas we went to which might also be helpful for you follow and of course you can add other sites to your list too!


Adult Tickets: 16 EUROS into Belvedere Palace, 9 EUROS Belvedere 21
Our Airbnb was located near Wien main train station which was a perfect location as it wasn't loud, with plenty of quick to eat at restaurants aswell as a supermarket nearby. It's also conveniently located near Belvedere Palace which is located a short 10 minute walk away. The Belvedere Palace is a beautifully kept ground, which houses one of my favourite artists work, Gustav Klimt. One of his most famous paintings, The Kiss is housed here, in the Upper Belvedere. The Belvedere itself is separated into the Lower Belvedere, which has the art exhibitions from all periods, the Upper Belvedere for the Baroque palace with highlights from Klimt, Schiele, Monet and Van Gogh and lastly B21, which houses contemporary Austrian and International Art. The gardens which separates these main palaces have a romantic sort of feel, which is a nice place to stroll around. 

Hundertwasser House was our next stop and we took a casual 30 minute stroll through the beautiful streets, before we found the cute rose coloured houses in the distance. I had seen some similar looking houses whilst in Magdeburg but this place was definitely more lively, with plenty of tourists taking photos from every angle. The colourful housse is a set of apartments, inspired by Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser with architect, Joseph Krawina. In the building there are also some small restaurants and gift shops where you can browse and immerse yourself in. 

From there we walked through Stadtpark to get a scenic view to our next location, Stephansplatz. The park itself has a nice stream, bridge and restaurant located in the centre of it. During the summer there were some people lounging lazily on the grass listening the live music the buskers were playing in the background. There was also a Chinese dance group practising their routine, which made me chuckle as it reminded me of the dances we would take part in every Saturday. We love passing by parks when we travel, and although we wouldn't say this is one of our favourites, the place had a lovely aura about it. 

Stephansplatz is a lively shopping district that is just another 10 minute walk away from the park. Here you can find the usual shops such as Apple, Zara and of course McDonalds. However, whilst here I really recommend having a stop by the Swarovski store. Austria is home to the crystal empire that is Swarovski and I had the opportunity to see their window installation by fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen, which looked like an amazing art installation. 

Adult Tickets: South or North Tower 6 EUROS 
St Stephens Cathedral is a major sight to see here as you make your way towards this destination. The building is surrounded by horse drawn carriages, waiting for tourists to ride them around the city centre. However, we were looking forwards to visiting the insides of the St Stephens Cathedral, which is dimly lit with flickering candles. There's also an option of walking up the tower to see the magnificent patterned  roof tiles where there is a North and South tower. On the North Tower you'll see the iconic roof closeup whereas the South Tower is taller and has views from every side. 

When in Vienna, (and especially if you're there for a weekend) you cannot miss out on the battle of the traditional Sacher Torte cake. There has been a long battle on who first invented the delicious chocolate cake with apricot jam and whipped cream between Hotel Sacher and Demel Bakery. After this was settled in court, Hotel Sacher came out on top, which is where we decided to head to try our Sacher Torte Cake. After a bit of a wait in line, we were led upstairs to a grandly decorated room with crystal chandeliers and a view overlooking the street below. We also ordered a traditional apple strudel which was equally delicious and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try these delicious desserts in Vienna!

The Museums Quartier area was a nice place wind down after a long day of walking. We walked through Volksgarten, where there seemed to be a student event going on, where we had free drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Again, more time would be nice if we have the chance to visit again to learn about the culture and history of the City in the museums in this area. 

Adult Tickets: 50EUROS to see everything, Free to enter the grounds
We left Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens to the final day, Sunday in Vienna. We took a tram and a quick underground ride to this place as it was about 45 minutes away from our accommodation. As soon as you enter the vast grounds, you have the palace building in front of you. As you walk further inside, you'll begin to see the wonderful Austrian gardens which seems to go on forever. We loved getting lost within all the lush greenery and definitely recommend this place if you plan on visiting. You can find tours across the palace, a maze and even a zoo, all prices and passes can be found on their website. 

  • I went during the end of summer when it was still warm, so our small apartment got quite humid in the evening. We didn't have any aircon in our modern apartment and we're not sure that they're commonly used in Austria so this is just a point to note if you do plan on staying during the warmer period. 
  • Many Europeans might already be accustomed to this but as we stayed on a Sunday and made food in our airbnb kitchen, it's good to note for those planning to do the same that most supermarkets are closed on a Sunday, which means you should buy groceries in advance or plan restaurants to eat out at.
  • The tap water in Austria is drinkable and you can refill your water bottles at the sink or nearby fountain. 

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