Rêveuse Recipe: Summer Watermelon Cooler Juice

Rêveuse Recipe: Summer Watermelon Cooler Juice

As you can probably tell by now, we love making fresh fruit juices and absolutely love using watermelons, as they are the epitome of summer and remind us of those hot beach days. We like using watermelons, because it creates around 2L of juice and takes no time at all to sieve the bits out since they contain so much water unlike our other juices! (We totally wish we had a juicer to do all the hard work for us). Fun fact: they are 92% water which is why they're so juicy and mouth wateringly good. This is the perfect cooler to make when the sun is out and all you want is a cool refreshing drink! Sometimes we like to switch it up and add other fruits like we have here; oranges, strawberries and grapes for an extra touch of sweetness and either pile on the ice or make a slushy, which always goes down a treat in the Lee household. Let us know what your favourite juices are to make at home or if you try out this recipe! 

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