Rêveuse Travel: 5 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Rêveuse Travel: 5 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

We both love a good beach moment and coming from London, a lovely sandy beach on a hot day is something we often dream about. As such, on our most recent trip away to Dubrovnik, Croatia, we set our sights on visiting as many beaches as possible. Croatia in general has a bunch of beautiful beaches to choose from, as it sits next to the Adriatic Sea with a very long coastline and consisting of so many little islands (which means more beaches!). Dubrovnik is no different and lies towards the South of Croatia. We researched the best beaches and were definitely spoilt for choice! In general the beaches in Dubrovnik are pebbled, so we really recommend beach shoes, particularly as some of the large stones on the bottom are quite slippery. The water was also chilly and salty, but once you make the jump and immerse yourself in the water, there's no going back. Our favourite thing about the water compared to other beaches in other countries is just the purity and clearness of the water, where there are fishes that swim around you, an almost surreal and magical experience (so we also recommend swimming goggles!)  Here we have compiled a list and description of the ones we visited during our stay.

01 Bellevue Beach

SHOWER/ WASHROOM: Unsure but most likely

TYPE: Pebble 

We visited Bellevue beach on the first day as it was located closer to our apartment, but around 20 minutes from the Old Town. As we approached the footpath that runs alongside a hotel we went in the wrong direction which confused us a little but the first path which went off from the main one led to the private hotel owned beach. However, if you stick to the main pathway it will lead you to the public beach which will start to come into sight a few walks down. The stairs with graffiti pigs will lead you down towards the pebbled beach. Bellevue was a cosy/ small beach where we arrived in the evening and with groups of younger people hanging about under the shaded terrace or people cliff jumping from high above. However as the evening wore on, there were less people. We recommend going earlier than sunset as it starts to get chilly. 

02 Trsteno Beach


TYPE: Concrete Platforms

Trsteno Beach was more of an unplanned excursion as we were in the area to see Arboretum Trsteno, a lush villa with beautiful gardens as seen in Game of Thrones and Trsteno Beach was conveniently located nearby. The Beach is about a 30 minute uber drive away from Old Town which we recommend as we didn't see many buses along the way. We visited the Arboretum first as the beach was in the opposite direction (with a sign to show you the way) so there was about a 7 minute walk down to the beach from the Arboretum entrance. The beach that we went to wasn't exactly a beach per se but large concrete platform stairs to bathe on and a ladder to get into the water, nevertheless, even though it was tiny compared to other ones we visited, it was perfect as it was so quiet and serene with only one other family also enjoying the salty water and sun. The surrounding view is also aesthetically pleasing, with small boats docked along the shore and little terracotta roofed buildings perched in the distance. 

03 Sulic Beach


TYPE: Pebble 

Sulic Beach is one you can view from Lovrijenac Fort. From a distance, it definitely is a picturesque shot as it's very small with large rock walls on either side of it. Sulic Beach is really close to the Old Town so if you have your beach essentials, it's definitely worth popping by, even just to sit for an hour or two. It also seemed like quite a local beach, surrounded by the locals housing with a small basketball court and people bringing their own basketball to play a game.  Personally, it wasn't my favourite beach as the pebbled area to sunbathe was very small and crowded so we had to settle for lying on the concrete side slabs. In addition, the water is quite shallow for a few meters from the front and rocks dip and protrude in different areas making it quite hard to swim here nearer the pebble beach. I even got cut on one of the rocks so be careful!

04 Banje Beach

SHOWER/ WASHROOM: Approx 2kuna for 30 seconds shower

TYPE: Pebble 

Banje beach seemed to be the most touristy beach out of all of them, as it was large and also close to the Old Town. If you are walking from Old Town you will first come up to some stairs that lead down to the private beach club but if you walk a bit further up, this seems like the entrance for the public beach. The beach itself was large but also a bit more crowded, but we managed to find a spot on the edge near the water which was perfect for us to keep an eye on our things yet also play in the water. The water here gets deep quite quickly, however there was a pile of rocks which we all tried to stand on when we got tired of swimming in the deep end. 

05 Sveti Jakov


TYPE: Pebble and Sand

Although each beach had something unique and special, Sveti Jakov was probably our most favourite beach. Primarily with locals, we visited this beach on the last day. From our uber drop off point, it takes about 5 minutes to walk down the winding stairs. From above you can find a cute looking bar that sits on the centre of the Beach whilst surprisingly sits on sand! We thought this sand might be imported from somewhere as the beach towards the water was all pebbly. However, it was nice to just walk in the soft sand for a while. There are umbrellas and chairs which line this medium sized beach, however we just opted for our beach towels and umbrellas we had bought with us. The view here is really amazing as you get a good view of Lokrum island and can see Banje beach in the distance, there was also a massive yacht with a helicopter parked on it in plain sight. This beach wasn't overly crowded with not many people in the water so almost felt like we had this beach to ourselves. The depth of the water here is quite interesting as there is a massive drop a few meters from the coastline so if you swim out and look in the water, you'll just see a dark blue abyss (quite scary when we saw it at first!). This is one of the beaches that we would definitely recommend staying at for a whole day!

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