Rêveuse Travel: Our Summer Travel Checklist

Rêveuse Travel: Our Summer Travel Checklist

Liz and I have been fortunate to visit many countries over the past few years and one of our favourite things to do is plan what we're going to pack into our suitcase. For any trips to Europe, we always try to fit all our items into one of those small carry on suitcases, which not only forces us to bring the absolute necessities, but also means we feel much better knowing that all our items won't risk being lost. The amount of times I've been forced to put my tiny suitcase in the hold cabin and my anxiety going through the roof not knowing whether I will be reunited with all my belongings, means that we both prefer having all our stuff with us. In today's post we've created our summer travel checklist; it's always mandatory for me to look up a couple of checklist websites after I've packed, just to make sure I've not forgotten anything, so I thought why not create one myself to have something to refer to in the future every time I go on holiday? We've broken the checklist down into handbag essentials, tech, toiletries, clothing and other. We hope this has been a useful guide for you or something you can save for future reference! 

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