Rêveuse Style: The In-Between

Rêveuse Style: The In-Between

Whilst talking to a British person, you'll find that most conversations will incorporate the weather in some type of way. When British weather is as fickle as us deciding where we want to go out to eat, it's one of those great conversation starters as you can guarantee that any type of weather is exciting to us Brits. Whether it's the "overwhelmingly hot" 30 degrees we rarely experience in the summer, or the "grim" usual grey skies across the land. What's more of a pickle for us is finding outfit choices that can accommodate for the possibility of 3 different weather types on any given day; sunny, cloudy, windy, light showers and rainy. Before every outing, a mandatory google forecast check will assist in deciding whether we decide to go for the full body warmer or light clothes with the classic British accessory, a brolly on hand.

 It was only last week where we were enjoying some sunshine beaming through the trees and lush off-white wispy clouds in London, and today it's as if last week never happened, with blustering winds and staccato periods of rain. We're pretty sure that it's nature crying at how we spent the past few weekends renewing our wardrobes with the last of summer outfits on our presentation rails. 

Anyhow, we spent the day at Syon Park, which was our favourite childhood destination growing up. A beautiful butterfly house (now sadly closed) that made you feel like a safari explorer within the jungle-esque greenery. We returned to find a gorgeous observatory and gardens, making it feel as the place had grown up with us, a great recommended idyllic place to visit in the City. On this particular occasion, despite there being mentions of a light drizzle, we experienced some lovely sun and decided to go for an in-between summer/autumn sartorial look with the addition of hats, which we think is a great accessory for the "in-between" wardrobe. Light colours on heavier fabrics also gives you everything you need in fickle weather, staying warm but feeling light. 

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