Rêveuse Style: Stairway to Sunset Heaven

Rêveuse Style: Stairway to Sunset Heaven

Back in the beginning of September, when we were engulfed in the last rays of the summer sunshine, Mary and I took our summer holidays in Croatia, if you hadn't already noticed from all of our previous posts already (click here, here and here to read more!). We had decided to trek to see Mount Srd, the mountain peeking behind the walled city of Dubrovnik. 

The majority of blogs we read mentioned taking the cable car to the top, however we decided on a last minute whim to take another scenic way, that would not only save us walking towards the city centre, but also allowed for us to grab a cheeky snack from the local supermarket beforehand, that we could munch on whilst taking in the fiery sunsets we had been experiencing for the past few days. You may have already guessed it, but we decided to take the uber, which is a lot cheaper than taking the cablecar, and despite the crazy driving, you get to experience some spectacular views from Lokrum island floating in the distance to the whole city of Dubrovnik, where the winding roads as you ascent into the heavenly coloured skies. The boys however, decided on doing the hike up, where they started about an hour before us and we're not gonna lie but we are so glad we took the uber instead. Not only did they endure the afternoon heat but also the uncertainty of a clear route, although they made it to the top and surprisingly a lot quicker than we expected.

Back to Mount Srd, we have to admit, that it has one of the best views that we've ever experienced. The fiery gradient of golden yellow to reddish-yellow sun that formed the black silhouettes of the distant islands was truly magical. With not a lot of tourists around as well, there was a serene feeling of watching something together in awe, a silence, except for the cool wind blowing over us. Being here, it felt as if we finally understood the saying being at one with nature. We captured a few shots before sunset which we hope portrays the vicinity of Mount Srd, before finally taking the hike down, where although we experience small stones in our trainers every few minutes, the descent was just as magical watching the saturated skies slowly turn into darkness. 

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