Rêveuse London: From Up On Richmond Hill

Rêveuse London: From Up On Richmond Hill

Happy Friday everyone! With the lockdown ending soon (fingers crossed), we've created a small local Richmond guide if you're eager to get out and about and for a spot of fresh air. Richmond brings back so many memories for us; it used to be a place we used to always go to on the weekend for a Riverside stroll since it was very local to us, or even to peruse the shops on the narrow high street. Not only that, Mary spent 7 years going past Richmond everyday on the 65 bus to get to secondary school and it would always be the place to go to after school for a cheeky nandos or ice cream. We've curated a small list of places to visit which you can save for later when the lockdown has eased! 

01 Riverside Walks
Back in August when the weather looked a bit more radiant and positive, everyone would always come here for a riverside walk with an ice cream in hand. You can always see the dogs coming out for lunch time walks or people sunbathing on the grass, which is the epitome of British people when there's any sort of sunshine that's out and about in London. The riverside walk can take you across some cafes, a large field which sometimes has a few cows strolling about and even Petersham Nurseries! 

02 Petersham Nursuries
Petersham Nurseries is a lovely little plant and lifestyle shop just a short walks away from Richmond Station. It's the perfect place to peruse when you're looking for new plants or decor and there's even a lovely little cafe if you fancy a bite to eat. This is the perfect place to go to when the sun is shining. There's another branch in Covent Garden which is also just as lovely! 

03 Richmond Park
Richmond Park is always a classic. If you're keen to have a long hike then Richmond Park is for you. If you're lucky enough, you'll see some deer chilling between the trees minding their own business! It's still a dream of mine to wake up super early to visit the park and capture the sunrise there, but who knows when that will happen... Isabella Plantation is definitely a must do during the Spring/Summer time. We went around May time, which is usually when the flowers are fully bloomed and at their most beautiful. I can't even tell you how magical it felt walking through the vibrantly coloured bushes and and flowers, it felt a bit surreal really!   

04 Kew Gardens

Key Gardens is just a ride away from Richmond (or even around 15/20 minute walk if you fancy it). Full of botanical creatures, and beautifully designed glasshouses, we definitely recommend spending the whole day here, just because the Gardens is so massive, it would be a shame not to see as much of it as possible! Plus, make the most of the ticket by exploring every corner of Kew Gardens. We both attempted to do a photoshoot here and ended up only going to two locations because it was getting dark. Every year they do a Christmas Trail, Chrismas at Kew, which is an amazing family activity to do together. You walk through a trail filled with sparkly lights, amazing light installations and have lots of mini food stalls along the way.

05 Maids of Honour
If you're craving a bit of an afternoon tea then this is for you! This is also in Kew (around 5 minutes walk from Kew Gardens) and they do the yummiest fresh scones and jam you can dream of. 

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