Rêveuse Recipe: Blackberry, Rosemary and Elderflower Spritz

Rêveuse Recipe: Blackberry, Rosemary and Elderflower Spritz

  Welcome to the second post of the Christmas series. We have really been enjoying creating the Christmas content so far, so keep your eyes peeled because there will be plenty to come the next coming weeks. Our main goal is to have fun with these recipes, which have no more than 3 or 4 ingredients, as well as creating something that is really quick to make! Hopefully these posts can give you some inspiration if you're hosting Christmas this year and need something that tastes and looks good! 

Today's recipe is one of my favourites, mainly because it's fruity, so refreshing and icy cold. We love eating blackberries during this time of year, it reminds us of those amazing dark forest chocolate gateaux. For this drink you want to prepare the elderflower ice cubes beforehand, so make sure you make these before you starting making these drinks. 


sprig of rosemary
small punnet of blackberries (approx 150g) 
bottle of elderflower cordial

SERVES: 3 or 4 cups
DURATION: Approx 10 minutes

Pour 1/3 of the elderflower presse into an icecube tray and leave for a few hours to set. 

Using a mortar and pestle, crush all of the blackberries so that it forms a nice coulis, leaving a couple aside for the decoration at the end. Scoop the coulis evenly into three or four glass cups. 

Get the elderflower ice cubes and wrap them in a clean kitchen towel. Use a rolling pin to crush the ice. Note: it is much easier to crush elderflower ice cubes than water and it will turn into a snow like texture. 

Place the crushed ice on top of the blackberry coulis. If you have any spare ice cubes left, then place them on top of the crushed ice which will achieve an ombre gradient of colours! Pour in the rest of the elderflower pressse and then garnish with some rosemary sprigs and some fresh blackberries. 


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