Rêveuse Recipe: Heart Warming Pumpkin Soup

Rêveuse Recipe: Heart Warming Pumpkin Soup


This year, we had heard of there being an over abundance of pumpkin farming, however, we were sad to find only the odd sad looking pumpkin at the bottom of the boxes when we went to 4 of our local supermarkets on Halloween. Nevertheless, we managed to pick up three tiny but decent looking ones, which made for great little decorations for Mary's home party. 

As Mary's birthday is coincidentally on Halloween, we're always left with a big juicy pumpkin that ends up drying up in the corner of the room. However this year, not wanting to throw them away and seeing as we had trawled all the supermarkets in search for these heavy lumps on that rainy day, we decided to make  the most out of them by cooking up a hearty pumpkin soup. This was the perfect recipe to make, seeing as our oven is out of use at the moment and its such a hearty dish that is delicious for lunch or dinner and even pre made in advance. This weather we've been having recently in London too, calls for a heart warming delicious soup and we demolished this one up! Have a go yourself, it's surprisingly easy and means all those pumpkins you have doesn't go to waste!


1kg pumpkin
1 large potato
1 knob of butter
1 and a 1/2 red onions chopped roughly
4 cloves garlic chopped finely
2 cups vegetable stock
seasoning- salt, pepper. mixed herbs, rosemary, paprika
1 tablespoon of double cream

SERVES: 6 bowls
DURATION: Approx 1 and a 1/2 hours

Carefully cut the outer skin from the pumpkins, deseed and chop into small cubes. The pumpkins we had were quite tough so be careful whilst chopping. We found the easiest way was to cut off both ends of the pumpkin and cutting in half before slicing off small areas of the skin. Peel the potato and chop into cubes too. 

In a pan, heat up the knob of butter until melted and add in the red onion and garlic. Stir in the pan so it's evenly coated in butter before adding in the chopped root vegetables. Give everything a good stir and cook for a further 10 minutes until the pumpkin starts to soften a little.

Add the vegetable stock to the pumpkin and give it another good stir before leaving it to bubble and stew in the liquid. It should start to soften after another 15 minutes. Once it can be poked with a fork, take it off the heat and blitz everything in the blender. It should have a beautiful creamy consistency. We had a white pumpkin so our soup was fairly light in colour. Put it back on the stove and add in the double cream and season it well. Once it starts to bubble, take it off the heat and serve in your bowl with a rustic pumpkin bread or breadsticks!


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