Rêveuse Style: Desaturated Days

Rêveuse Style: Desaturated Days

Happy Friday everyone! We are so glad it's finally the weekend. These days seem to be going by so slowly and slightly more depressing as the days get darker, with winter approaching just around the corner. We're not too sure how to feel about this one month lockdown, although we somehow managed to stay indoors for the first two months back in March, it did take a slight toll on our mental health. We're hopeful that the lockdown will be eased just before Christmas, so that families can be reunited and so that 2020 can have a happier ending than what this year has had to offer. Back in May we had created a little guide on how to create a comforting mental space during these harder times which you can read here. We've realised the best way to overcome sadness and those off days is to keep productive! We want this lockdown to feel as if it has gone by quickly and to stay as positive as we can, so we've planned so many posts for all of you guys to read and enjoy (we may or may not have already started curating some christmassy related posts which is making me so so excited for the festivities....). If you seem to be struggling with the new lockdown, our DMs are always open for a chat! We can all get through this together!

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