Rêveuse Style: London Rain

Rêveuse Style: London Rain

Happy Sunday everyone! We hope you've had a lovely weekend so far, these days seem to be sprinting by so quickly, December is just around the corner and we're pretty excited for all the Christmas songs to start playing on the radio and for the decorations to be up. Todays post is a tribute to being a Londoner; one can never leave the house without an umbrella because the typical English weather has a mind of its own. Funnily enough when we took the first batch of photos in the park it decided to chunk it down like no tomorrow, so it was extremely lucky we brought our big trusty umbrellas, plus be shielded from the cold breeze wearing our trusty cosy knitwear pieces. As we were going home, the rain miraculously stopped so we decided to take another batch of photos. Oh London, make up your mind! 


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