Rêveuse Recipe: Honey, Fig and Pear Drink

Rêveuse Recipe: Honey, Fig and Pear Drink


What two ingredients subtly screams Christmas more than fig and pear! We thought about creating this drink recipe which is perfect as a party drink for non alcohol drinkers. Its refreshing yet naturally sweet and doesn't it just look so pretty! We were pleasantly surprised whilst trialling this recipe and knew we had to share it! The strong pear flavour comes through whilst the fig at the bottom of the glass adds another texture to the drink. We are lucky that our family in Taiwan produces an award winning honey so we always make sure to pre order the honey in advance every time we go back home. The deliciously sweet but unique flavour of this honey is scrumptious but you can substitute it with you own favourite honey! We really recommend you give this a go as its light and best enjoyed on the rocks and chilled in advance!


3 large tablespoons of honey
750ml water
4 pears + extra for decoration
2 figs + extra for decoration
a sprig of mint 
ice cubes

SERVES: 4 glasses
DURATION: Approx 30 mins

Mix together the water with the honey and taste and amend to desired sweetness. Peel and de-core the pears and cut into cubes. In a blender blitz the pear with the honey and strain to remove the pulp.

In a pestle and mortar, grind up the figs into a jam texture and spoon into the individual glasses. Place some ice cubes on the fig jam and pour the pear honey on top of it before finally decorating with a sprig of mint and slice of pear.


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