Rêveuse Recipe: New Year Mocktails to Ring in the New Year

Rêveuse Recipe: New Year Mocktails to Ring in the New Year

Even though we love a cheeky tipple every now and again, we predominantly drink non-alcoholic drinks that are fresh and fruity, and boy can we down a good mocktail. This year why not try one of our mocktail recipes, which is inspired by our favourite classic alcoholic beverages! Marys absolute go-to is a fresh and citrusy mojito, whilst Liz loves a good old fashioned grapefruit G+T. The bubbly soda water just adds that extra fun, making this the perfect drink to have to cheers to the New Year and for those who are cutting back on the alcohol as a New Years resolution!


2 tsp honey water
1/2 cup water
sparkling sparkling water
ice cubes plain or with mint and lemon slices

    Marys Mocktail Mojito
    1/2 lime
    handful of mint

    Lizs Grapefruit and Grape Mocktail
    a squeeze of grapefruit juice
    5 green grapes

    SERVES: 1 drink each
    DURATION: Approx 10 minutes

    For the base of both drinks make the honey syrup by dissolving the honey into the water.

    Marys Mocktail Mojito is made by crushing mint in the squeezed lime juice in a pestle and mortar. Add it to the glass before adding in 3tsp of the honey syrup. Add in the ice cubes and top with sparkling water.

    Lizs Grapefruit and Grape Mocktail is made by crushing the grapes in a pestle and mortar before sieving it through a drinks strainer into your glassware. Add 2 tablespoons of the honey syrup mixture. Add some ice cubes inside the glass and half the grapefruit before squeezing into your glass so that it fills 3/4 of the glass. Finally top with sparkling water and add a grapefruit curl for decoration!


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