Rêveuse Wellness: 2020 Skincare Roundup.

Rêveuse Wellness: 2020 Skincare Roundup.

This year was met with lots of cosy homewear and even more empty product bottles! If anything good has come out of this year, we'd say that we had the opportunity to test out more of our products with consistency as we usually don't have the time to indulge in self care. We've enjoyed getting to know new brands as well as revisit our absolute favourites. Here we've compiled our list of things we've been using for our dry skin which are swiftly going onto our holy grail skincare list! These products would also make great stocking fillers or gift ideas, just in time for the season of kindness!

01 THREE Aiming Balm

I love the instant melting feeling when you apply this to your skin, making your makeup melt right off as you rub in circular motions. The product doesn't make you feel like you have that tight squeaky clean feeling, which we prefer not to feel as we have skin on the drier side. The Japanese brand is quickly becoming one of our absolute favourites, as they have a natural ethos whilst the scent isn't overpowering whilst remaining fresh with undertones of herbal notes. We really recommend giving their products a go, and we absolutely love their minimal clean packaging!

02 SHISEIDO Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

We have always had an eye on the shiseido benefiance range and wondered why the price was so high, but now having had the opportunity to try out the product, we can that its worth every penny. The cream itself isn't watery like most drugstore creams and feels luxurious against the skin. We like to apply this on in the night time and let it soak into the skin overnight, giving our skin some real tlc. We were also impressed by how well the wrinkle and fine lines softened after just a week of use. This would be a lovely product to treat you or your loved one this Christmas!

03 WASO Shiseido Beauty Smart Water

Over the first quarantine period, we did a skincare order from ASOS as our skin was in need of some hydration. We came across this new product from WASO so thought to give it a go. The waso line, is aimed at a younger demographic wanting to get into serious skincare so the packaging is playful and fun, whilst focusing on incorporating vegetables and food inspiration into their products. This beauty smart water infused with amazake, a Japanese rice based drink, is applied to a cotton pad before gently swiping across the face. Its so satisfying when you see the pollution and dirt come off onto your cotton pad, even after you have done a first cleanse, so we really recommend this product! 

04 AESOP Primrose Facial Mask

Over the summer when we were able to enjoy the beauty of nature near our local area and our weekends were spent working up a sweat in the kitchen, we found that the Aesop  Primrose facial mask worked wonders when we had sweaty, blemished skin. We felt it helped in clearing up spots that were on the edge of emerging and left our skin feeling so refreshed, This little pot has that minty feeling which we love to apply before a hot shower and just a little goes a long way! 

05 LANEIGE Night Mask

Laneige is known for their night masks and for good reason. The light yet nourishing consistency can be applied and washed off in the morning and every time we use it, all our dry skin magically disappears! We also love their lip masks which we apply genourously at night (which almost looks like you've smothered oil all over your lips) and the next day they are solo plump and soft. We honestly can't recommend this product enough!

06 THE ORDINARY Hyaluronic Acid

With many people now knowing the benefits of HA, we decided to test out the infamous the ordinary skincare line. Aside from the beautiful and clean packaging which would look great in any bathroom, we really like how the product sinks into your skin and doesn't leave that sticky residue that most serums have. After apply onto our skin as a first base, we are always so impressed by how bouncy and alive our skin feels. This product also doesn't break the bank, and with lots of Christmas deals on at the moment, this makes it a great reason to buy it for someone special!

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