Rêveuse Style: A New Perspective

Rêveuse Style: A New Perspective

Happy Sunday! Spring is slowly creeping around the corner and we're excited for long bright evenings to appear. I recently invested in a new camera, the Fujifilm X100V; it was something I had umming and ahhing about for many months and I finally decided to take the plunge seeing as it was on sale and I had a voucher, so it only made sense to dive straight into the deep end and follow the words of Nike 'Just Do It'. I'm still getting used to the Fujfilm system, and haven't properly had the chance to figure it out as I've just jumped from a beginner Nikon and Canon camera to a professional Fujifilm one! We did however, manage to take it out for a brief spin last weekend and see what this little beauty had to offer. The sky was absolutely beautiful so we decided to take advantage of the sunny winter day, and rock our neutral toned outfits. We like how compact this camera is, so we don't need to lug around our heavy Canon Mk3 camera now! The tones in the end photos also has a slight film quality to it - more contrasted and vivid which we really enjoy and think it would create a different aesthetic to our previous photos. We can't wait to bring it along on one of our travel adventures in the future and hope you enjoy these photos too!

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