Rêveuse Style: Braving the Ice

Rêveuse Style: Braving the Ice

It was around the end of January that we woke up one Sunday morning to be greeted with the icing powder coloured falling snow. Here in London, it only snows once in a blue moon, which means that you know that everyone will be out when it does! So, Mary and I took this opportunity to wake up early and take a few shots before the snow on the ground turned to brown slush (we were envisioning some magical white snowy dreams in our photos) and before there were too many people out on the street and to brave the chilly morning breeze. We also decided to pair our outfits with bright tones of lipstick (which we hardly wear) which made our complexion look more alive despite the reality of frozen lips and numb fingers. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did playing about in the snow!

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