Rêveuse at Home: Bread Ahead Japanese Bun Cooking Class Review

Rêveuse at Home: Bread Ahead Japanese Bun Cooking Class Review


For Christmas our sister kindly gifted us an at home cooking class with the Bread Ahead Baking School so we just wanted to share our experience with you, whether you're a beginner at baking or are planning on attending one of their classes! (Of course this is based from our own experiences and other classes may differ so take it all with a pinch of salt!)

If you're based in London, you may have seen one of their bakeries dotted around, so we were really excited to give this a shot as they make the most delicious doughnuts I think we have ever tried! This particular class was teaching us how to make Japanese buns (our absolute favourite growing up) and as we rarely make bread this was a great way for getting some insider tips and tricks to bread baking. We weren't sure what to expect going into it and had anticipated a small class of 10-20 people but turned out there were just under 100 attendees! Perfect for us, as we were envisioning talking and being on camera, however this is something to definitely be mindful of, eg, if you want to ask questions, if your internet is slow etc. as the class ran on for a bit longer than expected. 

We were given a recipe and ingredients list beforehand and were expecting to learn these 4 Japanese buns; cheese bun, melon pan, custard bun and a rice bun. As there were a lot of ingredients, we measured out everything about half an hour before class (we recommend giving an hour to prepare as we were scurrying about like headless chickens!). Overall it was a good class to learn bread baking but as novice bread makers and with an unreliable internet connection we were rushed at times, as there was so much to get through and ended up doing the first steps wrong! In addition, they had proofing machines and prepared some dough earlier which meant a lot of waiting around for us whilst the teacher was able to carry on the class seamlessly for others. Although it was impressive to combine all those 4 recipes into one class, we think it would've been great if they had suggested to premake the dough, had it as a half-day class and earlier start or cut it down to 2 recipes. Nevertheless, we surprisingly made it to the end and the result turned out brilliantly (thanks to our recipe printouts as we were behind for most of it) and we also merged the rice loaf with cheese bun due to lack of time which was just as delicious.

We would definitely recommend a course with Bread Ahead if you want to break up the monotony of quarantine and find something exciting to do. There were also a lot of attendees who just listened in on the day to write down the notes so this could be another option if you want to take your time in making for another day. We definitely learnt a few things along the way and can't wait to try the recipes out again! 

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