Rêveuse Style: From up on Richmond Hill

Rêveuse Style: From up on Richmond Hill

The sun was shining when we decided to trek to Richmond Hill on a lovely spring day. Luckily, being only about half an hours bus ride away from us, Richmond Hill is a place where you can enjoy a 360 degree aesthetic walk and take in one of the best landscapes London has to offer. Richmond also holds a lot of personal memories for us too, as we used to come here regularly when we were little and Mary passed through it everyday throughout high school. Looking at the shops, as you pass the highstreet to get to Richmond Hill, we definitely felt a sense of nostalgia, although with many of the retail shops closed down now such as the iconic TOPSHOP right outside of our bus stop as well as the House of Fraser which liz did work experience at for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, there was this one artisanal supermarket which had only opened recently with a lovely stock of traditional Italian brands (which we will definitely be back for!). On this occasion, as it had been our first proper outing (aside from the regular food shop) we decided to put on our new silk dresses and heels and hike to the top (we gave up and found a nice spot to take photos at instead). The area around us was almost like a scene from a movie, with the organic mounds of grass, the rustic and magnificent trees towering around us as well as the sunshine that was peeping through the bare branches. The arrival of the spring air was exuding an energetic vibe and felt from everyone within the vicinity - a much welcomed feeling after months of down days indoors and hopelessness. We love the end results of these photos where we added an almost vintage edit to the final pictures. We hope that you are also enjoying the spring air wherever you are and feel the same energy that we did through these photos!

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