Rêveuse Style: Reaching for the stars

Rêveuse Style: Reaching for the stars


Recently, we've been slowly getting back into the groove of writing and posting again. We took some time off as we were getting a bit burnt out and uninspired by our content. Despite our plans from our New Years resolution (read here) we had hoped to start off with a bang and create exciting, inspiring photos/edits that would define our work, especially as we are designers for a living. Unfortunately, these past couple of months have been met with another challenge of outdoor restrictions, so our vision is part comprised by this. Nevertheless, we are going to remain positive and keep a clear head with our vision even if it means posting less than usual (we hope. you understand!). This series of photos, we took on a walk recently to gather our thoughts. Casual wear and muted tones still remain one of our most worn colours and garments but we are looking forward to introducing more colour once the weather warms up a bit! We also played around with our hairstyles a bit as it seems to be a growing trend recently! Let us know what you think!

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